Diving: Hotel vs Liveaboard

What is the best way to enjoy diving in Maldives

When deciding whether to stay in a resort or to stay on a liveaboard dive boat while in the Maldives, it is really a matter of personal preference. Each choice offers a variety of positive experiences. Each choice gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of the best diving in the world. With year around warm water, good visibility, and a variety of marine life from colorful small fish to the gigantic whale shark and blind cave dwellers to coral outgrowths you cannot go wrong by diving in the Maldives.


When you choose to stay in a resort you get things you simply cannot get when live on a boat. If you are one of those people who really values privacy, then you are probably going to be more satisfied with a resort. If you are fine with one, possibly two dives per day or less than a resort stay is a good fit for you. Most resorts will have decent, albeit congested areas for diving and snorkeling where you can see a spectacular array of marine life.

Outside of diving, resorts offer you more privacy. If you are with your significant other, it's like a second honeymoon or first honeymoon if you missed out the first time or just got married. There is more of a nightlife to explore. You can spend time on white sandy beaches soaking up the warm sun or spend hours riding the waves on a surfboard, boogie board or body surfing.

Rooms in resorts are generally more spacious with bigger beds and more amenities. There is likely a swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna available for your use. Rooms may have large jetted baths. Bathrooms are certainly larger and easier to navigate, especially if you are a person of larger stature.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to stay at resort rather than a dive boat is if you are prone to getting seasick. Bummer...

Staying on a resort means relaxing and enjoy the white sand beach


If you are coming to the Maldives strictly to enjoy the diving, then a dive boat is your best choice. Besides the serenity of floating on the ocean, you are right in the heart of the action. The best diving in the area is minutes away and the crew will take care of everything.

You are accompanied by experienced divers who know the area like the back of their hand. You can get to those more difficult areas where you can dive wrecks, dive with whale sharks, dive with manta rays, and dive with smaller groups.

Although, liveaboard dive boats cannot rival the resort experience in luxury and freedom, they come pretty close. Most of these boats are designed to please the modern diver and offer many of the same amenities you find at a resort.

Diving Maldives from a liveaboard means visiting all the best dive sites

In Summary

Liveaboards and resorts offer two very different, yet unique experiences, both of which will give you a vacation that you will never forget. The best course of action is to first decide if you are going to the Maldives to go diving or if you are going to Maldives for the beaches, warm water, and privacy. Strictly diving is for those of you that would rather be underwater during a majority of your trip. But don't rely on this article to make your choice, do some research. Discover what kind of diving is available in the Maldives and see what makes you go, “ooooh, that sounds nice.”

Regardless of whether you choose liveaboard diving or resort diving, you are in for some of the best diving available in the world.