Diving in the Maldives

Enjoy clear waters and abundance of underwater life

Dive into paradise

The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is a set of 1,190 coral islands spread across 26 major atolls. Atolls are coral structures separated by gaps. The area of the Republic of the Maldives covers a distance of 820 kilometres from North to South and 120 kilometres from East to west. It is almost 2,000 islands, of which only 202 are inhabited and 87 are dedicated to holiday tourism islands. In Maldives, each island is operated by a single hotel, or rather, resort. Only 1% of country's total area (90,000 square kilometres) is located above the sea, with an average elevation of 2 meters.

Manta rays are a commong encounter while diving in Maldives

Maldives are a popular spot for diving. This is due to the clear waters and abundance of underwater life. Divers can see mantas, sharks and even a few wrecks along coral reefs. The diving experience is very good, with the clear water visibility. The divers can have a possibility of finding marine diversity and this increase near the outer atolls. In the islands of Maldives, the currents can vary considerably in a short time inside the atolls; this is caused by powerful currents that are on the sides of the atolls facing the open sea. Even an inexperienced diver has nothing to worry, thanks to the security standards which are very high, with strict adherence to protocol.

A grey reef shark from the fmous dive spot Shark Thila

Maldives is a place that is more sea than land, and the amount of fun activities which one can witness in the water is endless. Maldivians swim like diversion recreation, play water polo with friends for picnics and are addicted to surfing. Most of the resorts in Maldives have sports centres, which offer a wide variety of water sports activities. These centres are well equipped with masks and snorkels and tables of different sizes, either to spend the day snorkelling and coming face to face with ojiabiertos fish, or to feel the breeze in your hair on a sailboard or catamaran. Some centres also offer courses for windsurfers and yachtsmen for both beginners and advanced. The tourists can always get to choose from parasailing, kayaking, kite surfing, water skiing and jet skiing.