Sea life in Maldives

Marine wildlife amongst the Maldives coral reef

The Republic of the Maldives boasts some of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world. The exclusive hotels, the private access to its unspoiled beaches, and the five star welcome for each and every guest will all set your visit apart from the any other vacation experience.

But it is the natural wonders of this island nation which consistently provide the most unforgettable reasons for visitors hoping to experience a piece of this paradise in the Indian Ocean for themselves.

Lionfish are quite common in Maldives

Comprising twenty-six ring-shaped islands, or atolls, the landscape of Maldives is itself unlike anything you will have ever seen before. Almost the entirety of the Maldives is situated on coral islands, and the low sandbars which host its many resorts are lined on both sides by the warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

But step beyond the sandy beaches and the Maldives has a lot to offer the adventurous visitor who is willing to look below the surface.

This is because the Maldives is home to many of the rarest and most exotic sea creatures on the planet, and the Maldives takes their natural surroundings very seriously indeed. Many tourist resorts provide a boat tour, but how many can offer a glass floor in their hotel rooms, or an underwater restaurant where you can watch manta rays and sharks swim by as you dine? You will find both of these in the Maldives.

Mantas is what every divers whan to see in Maldives

If you are looking for a more action-packed vacation, or you simply wish to go on a little adventure, then there are, of course, plenty of opportunities to get near to the wildlife throughout your visit. Enthusiasts hoping to catch a glimpse of Maldives fish in close proximity will be able to take advantage of the many scuba diving expeditions and the glass-bottomed boat tours that the islands resorts will provide.

On your trip out into the crystal clear sea, you will marvel at the exquisite underwater landscapes and the many distinct ecosystems which are created by the Maldives coral. You will have the opportunity to observe the diverse and vivid sea creatures of the region in their natural habitats: more than one thousand individual species of fish, including the world's largest species, the whale shark.